#1 Florida Action Center

Project Info

A petition tool in the form of JavaScript widget at the front and admin panel in the backend to manage and automate almost everything. The user can submit a petition to several representatives at once which are fetched from VoteSMart API based on users Geo-location and/or Pin code. US Address lookup/ auto suggest and verification is taken care using Smarty Streets API. Captcha-solving service is used to answer captchas on representatives website and submitting petitions on user's behalf so they don't have to visit each official's website, Cron jobs are setup for automating backup, fetching updates from API, sending out action emails. Integration with various API's for respective purposes: Email validation, Infusionsoft, MailChimp, PayPal etc.

#2 Biodukte - Directory of Organic Market Places

Biodukte - Directory of Organic Market Places

Project Info

A Directory of Organic Market Places where an admin user can manage market places, an end user can search the information about local market places that are fetched based on auto detected users Geo-location or as per the pin code provided by the user, can comment and rate on marketplaces. The application is very user-friendly and has a lot of features developed in back-end like Subscription management, Paymill Payment Gateway, Email Authentication + Facebook login combined, API endpoints for iOS app. Clustering of marketplaces was implemented on the map for easy browsing of thousand of location markers which would have otherwise slow down the loading of web page/mobile app thus affecting the overall user experience.

#3 Iconopress

Project Info

A high-resolution image bank of cosmetic products and accessories. The complete code was re-written to improve the loading time of landing pages. Implemented client side sorting of categories and drag and drop for file uploads. Stripe Payment gateway integration with the facility to customize plans from withing the system. Background automated jobs for emailing statistics/ reminders to customers and brand owners about products and user registration approval. Admin panel to manage content uploaded by users and brand owners.

#14 One Year Lease

One Year Lease


#15 Stinsongurl in Saudi

Stinsongurl in Saudi

#16 Larch Cottage Nurseries

Larch Cottage Nurseries

#37 Grand Stream Tool

Grand Stream Tool